1. Arenamed is located at 122 Pileckiego St., 3rd floor – the building of the UCSIR sports and entertainment center.
There is a free unguarded car park next to the building with many parking spaces available. The 3rd floor can be accessed by stairs or a lift.
  1. The forms of payment and costs of visits are described in the price list tab on our website.
  2. The patient should take the medical documentation with him for the first appointment, together with imaging examinations if he has them (ie CD with X-ray, MRI, CT).
  3. The patient gets a reminder message with the confirmation of the date of the visit, 24 hours before the visit in the form of SMS messages, and in the case of having a booksy service, push messages.
  4. The patient is obliged to cancel the visit 24 hours before the planned date of the visit by SMS with information including the name, date and time of the visit sent to the telephone number + 48 531 957 662, by phone +48 22 240 13 13 or through the booksy application.
  5. In the absence of information regarding the cancellation of the visit, it is considered as completed and fully paid. The payment deadline is 7 days from the date of the cancelled visit. In case of vouchers, the visit is deducted from the pool of prepaid visits.
  6. The patient is asked to arrive approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the visit, in order to leave the outer cover in the changing room (in closed lockers) or to use the toilet.
  7. Invoices and personal invoices, as well as certificates for ZUS or private insurers are issued at the patient's request within 14 days from the date of the request’s submission.
  8. By booking a visit the patient accepts these Arenamed regulations.